Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On to BIGGER and BETTER things

Yesterday was a very hectic day here at home. Every 30 minutes it seemed Ryan would just start crying for no reason. Her head felt a little warm and her temp was 99.8 so I didn't that was it....she grabbed at her stomach a lot though so I just chopped it up to a belly ache. She went to bed a little earlier last night and seemed just fine today. Speaking of today...big things happened for Ryan.

On Sunday, I ordered a new bedding set for Ryan's twin size bed that I knew we would be putting up soon. She has done SO well these past few months with the one side rail being off of her crib, we could just tell she was ready. The order form said standard shipping was 3-5 business days and I was both shocked and excited when the bedding arrived just yesterday.

I, of course, had to wash everything first and then today it was down to business. I took her crib apart and got all the pieces out of her room, with the help of Jay. I vacuumed the floor really good and then started putting her new bed in. It's actually Josh's old twin bed that he had a while ago, but we kept it knowing she would need it at some point. SMART THINKING. I never would have thought she would be in a twin bed before the age of 2. She really just amazes me. She followed us around as we moved things from place to place. She had a look of excitement on her face because she just knew something major was happening. Once the bed was put together, I put her new bedding on it and she went crazy. SHE LOVES IT!!!!

The bedding has trees, birds, mushrooms, owls, flowers, hearts, and squirrels. It is also textured. It has a bunch of different patterns on it which is nice. Ryan's grandpa Joe (my dad) purchased this bedding for her which was SO AWESOME of him. WE LOVE IT...THANK YOU!!!

She just HAD to break it in as you can see. After the picture was taken, I've been trying to DRILL into her head that monkey's should NOT jump on the bed. I think she's starting to understand. Even with her step stool, it's a little bit harder for her to get into this bed but she's managing. She took a nice nap in it today and is currently sleeping in it. Her first night in her big girl bed...oh how time flies by. My friend, Deana, is giving us a bed rail that we are picking up on Friday. THANKS TO YOU TO!!! lol. Hopefully she does not fall out of the bed between now and then.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Jay's family reunion is on Saturday at a park. Hopefully it's not too cold because it has been pretty chilly the past 2 weeks. Then Sunday we have a birthday party to go too. My friends daughter, Kayleigh, is turning 2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAY!!

The walk is 2 weeks away for Children's Hospital. If anyone would like to make any more donations, please email me at and I will give you the info that you need. THANKS TO ALL THAT HAVE ALREADY MADE DONATIONS!! I do not have an exact number on how much we have raised because we are still collecting donations. Our shirts should be ready to be picked up on Tuesday and I cannot wait to see them. They are going to be white with bright pink and black writing on them. I will of course, post a picture of the shirts once I get them in. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A new fun game....and a vote to please?

So today was another day of being stuck in the house due to illness and it raining outside. Ryan is acting fine but has a pretty nasty cough still. I woke up this morning feeling much better although I still have a few aches every now and then, along with the congested cough also.

We have finally decided on what Ryan is going to be for Halloween. (and yes I realize it's still a month a way and I still have time, but I don't want to do things last minute.) I will give you a clue as to what she is going to be and I want to see how many people can figure it out. I'll give the answer MAYBE in the next update. If you are a close friend or family member that already knows the answer, please don't say it.....or if you do, I will neither say your right or wrong.

Here is the clue:

Pink patent leather boots

Ha....let's see what you all come up with. Ryan has something new as of today that she just LOVES to play with. It still amazes me how it's the small things that are SO entertaining.

That is a rubbermaid container filled halfway with 3 different types of uncooked beans. Inside the container there is also a set of measuring cups. She loves this so much. It's almost like having a smaller indoor sandbox with A LOT less then half the mess. She managed to drop the entire box on the floor but that's ok because it didn't take long to find the beans in the carpet. She stood there and played with it for almost an hour.

Here is a short video of the Bean Fun that she had today.

She also got to play school again because now she has a backpack of her own. I saw this at the store and new she had to have it because of her being so into this school thing now.

I'm not sure if I mentioned Ryan's new obsession in a previous upate on carepages or not...but if not....SPIDERS!!!! Ryan has 2 pet spiders in her room. Yes they ARE real. She SO PROUDLY has named them poo-poo and pee-pee. It took a lot of thought to come up with those names and she's very happy about it. The spiders have a couple crickets with them in case they get hungry and they live in her fish bowl. We went to the Halloween store a couple days ago because Josh wants to be Michael Jackson (of course) and he needed the sequin glove. I figured that would probably be a hot ticket item so I wanted to get it asap. While we were there though, little Princess Ryan just fell IN LOVE....HEAD OVER HEELS with all of the spider decorations. This is what she ended up with.......

These are the spiders that came together in a pack. They are just supposed to be some sort of decoration I guess but when we brought them home she insisted on sleeping with them. She still wanted her stuffed puppies to though. It can never just be one or the other huh? It's all in good fun though and she just loves them to death. She thinks it's hilarious if she puts one on you and you act like your afraid of it. She just cracks up.

Onto the rest of the title. As some of you know I'm sure, there is currently a contest going on to vote on which 3 Children's Hospitals in the country will win a $10,000.00 game room for the patients and their families. The contest is going on until October 16th, 2009.

Here is the link

You can go to the site and register with your information. Then you will have to choose which hospital you want to vote for. Currently, Cincinnati Children's is ranked number 6. The contest results are updated every 5 minutes. Once you've registered, you can cast 10 votes (all back to back) in one day. So, I strongly urge you to log on and take 3 minutes of everyday until October 16th to vote for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Remember, the top 3 hospitals will win. Also, when you register to vote, you are automatically entered to win an X-Box game system or a Nintendo WII game system. If anyone has any questions regarding the contest, please see the above link for more details. I really hope everyone has a great weekend...hopefully I'll more pictures next time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

First update on blogspot

Well, here it goes I guess. This is the first official update on the new page. For those of you that do not know our history, we also have a carepage. Check it out at I guess I will start by saying WELCOME!!!

Ryan has been coming down with a bit of a cold, and now I'm pretty sure I'm getting it too. Sore throat and headache for me, and runny nose and cough for Ryan. We did get to enjoy the weekend though. Saturday we went to Park Fest. It's a local festival at a park by our house and they have food/drinks/games/facepainting/rides. They also had the big bouncy houses but I always get nervous about letting Ryan go in those with a lot of other kids. I'm so afraid someone will knock her down and she'll get hurt or that she will bounce right out of it and hit the ground. We did buy her a ride bracelet though and she got to go down the HUGE slide. I had to ride with her though and it's the ones where you sit in the straw sacks and go down. She also rode something called the Twister. It was just a small children's roller coaster that went around a few times. She loved them both. Of course, I forgot my camera so I have no pictures of any of it. She also got to enjoy the usual park fun as well. The slides and swings are always a hit with her.
As you can see from the picture at the top, she also played school this weekend. She used my backpack purse for pretend. She was so excited to put it on and say "school." Then she would give us a kiss and say bye and run down the hallway to either her room or Josh's room. I guess that's where the classrooms were. It's so funny that she's so young but just has such a big imagination. She really does amaze me everyday.
I also took the time to call the hospital today to get Ryan in to see another doctor for a second opinion. The appointment is not yet scheduled because they have to get the approval from whoever the new doctor will be. I should get a call back soon regarding the appointment date and time.
I look forward to doing new updates on this blog and to getting more followers. If anybody has any questions please email me at