Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm sorry this update has taken so long but we have been VERY busy!!! Let's get right to it. Easter was GREAT!!! Ryan wasn't feeling well AGAIN/STILL Friday and Saturday but got a little better on Sunday. Thank God. She had fun finding eggs with her cousins and doing some arts and crafts too!! Here are some pics!!

she is spider man now!!!

new slippers :) courtesy of the Children's Hospital gift shop

That is not all of the pics that I took but you get the idea. She got tons of stuff from the Easter Bunny including the new spiderman backpack and blanket. The mask was given to her by our neighbor, Carter, who is 6 years old. They share the same passion for spidey.
I'm not trying to make this update super short, but once again, I don't have much time. Ryan's cardiology appointment didn't go as well as we had hoped. Her stenosis is worse. Her gradient on December 4th was at 41....last week, it was 48. Dr. Hor said he doesn't want to push another balloon procedure on her just yet because her right ventricle has not gotten any bigger since her last check up. We are waiting 6 months to go back. I took her to the peds office on Monday because she had blisters in her mouth and a rash on her back and chest. Any guesses yet???
Hand, Foot and mouth disease. They said she was already past the contagious stage and this would explain her not feeling well and running a fever on Friday and Saturday but not the high fevers for the past month that have done damage to her heart. So, when she goes back this Saturday, they are giving us a referral to see an infectious disease doc up at the hospital. UGH!!!! It really doesn't ever stop!!! I will try to keep you all posted.
On a lighter note....we are leaving on Tuesday!!!! When I get off work Tuesday at 4:45, I am coming home and loading up the car and we will start the 10-11 hour drive to Georgia to see my brother graduate from Army Basic Training!! YAY!!! After the 2 days that we will spend with him, we will drive 3 hours further south on Thursday night to Jay's parents condo in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida!!! We will spend all day Friday and all day Saturday at the Beach, then we will leave late Saturday night to drive back home!! I cannot wait to see my baby on the beach. It's going to be such a nice get-a-way!!! I will have TONS of pics of that too I'm sure!!!
Ok, well the princess is STARVING FOR ATTENTION since we don't see eachother that much anymore. GOTTA GO!!! I will eventually catch up on everyone's blogs!! Sorry :(
Hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER and that everyone's weekend is GREAT!!!


  1. Saying lots of prayers for you guys! Hope they can get things figured out with Ryan soon!

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  3. Hey Alisha. I found your blog on the "when life hands you a broken heart blog". I was soooo surprised to see another girl Ryan with "almost" the same heart condition as my girl Ryan. Ryan has Aeortic valve stenosis and pda. she had a baloon valuplasty (spelling?) at 3 months. We are just now watching and waiting for the Ross someday. Tell her Hi from our Ryan